Transdisciplinarity: literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines.

Introduction to Communication, Culture & Technology

This course introduced students to some of the main approaches and issues that animate the Communication, Culture & Technology program. Students explored interdisciplinary approaches to solving intellectual problems in communications, cultural, media, and technology studies. Students also considered issues in the movement from theoretical work to intellectual and interpretive practice in order to address the question of: What does an interdisciplinary practice of communication, culture and technology studies look like?

Professor Jeanine Turner


Midterm Paper: Cultural Intelligence
The central goal of this report is to shift the debate from the digital divide that occurred between groups in an online multiplayer strategy game (LandGrab) and within individual teams to the more powerful lesson – the development and importance of cultural competencies and social skills required for full involvement (and successful commercialization) in the 21st Century, a global participatory culture built on the collaboration and connections inherent to collective intelligence.


Final Project

The final project was designed to move theory to practice and to utilize interdisciplinary problem-solving skills to solve a market need using a mobile application. The assignment began with a pitch, proceeded through primary and secondary research, resulted in a strategic operating plan and a final presentation.

Final Paper: myConcierge Paper: Designing a Mobile Application

Prezi Presentation: myConcierge

Value creation in the future will come from applications that leverage individual interests and habits and, through a secure individually managed subscription platform, enable dialogue and build sustainable relationships.

Jonathon Lockett, myConcierge Interviewee

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