Wendy Ferguson is an out of the box thinker. She excels at examining the broader strategic view and delights in matching consumer insights to the available data in order to drive business. Wendy is an excellent team member and is quick to volunteer to lead any and all aspects to help drive a project. Her marketing skills, especially as it relates to consumer/customer understanding are strong, and she is particularly good in whiteboard type projects and taking ideas from concept to market. A strong financial understanding and a commitment to learning makes Wendy a viable candidate for any role on a team. I recommend her skill set without reservation.

Jeff Herbert, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Coca-Cola North America managed Wendy at The Coca-Cola Company

Wendy joined our team at a critical time during the ramp up of our most important strategic brand. She had an immediate impact with her strategic thinking, creativity and ability to synthesize information into a coherent business plan. She led the strategic planning for our largest brand, NIGHT & DAY, and integrated our consumer and professional demand creation plans in a new way that created significant incremental value. As a result the brand over delivered on our aggressive sales targets and won CEO support for an expanded media spend.

Matt Oerding, VP, Global Marketing Head, CIBA Vision/Novartis managed Wendy at CIBA Vision”

Wendy is extremely smart. She has fabulous analytical capability that underpins her natural marketing instincts. She’s an asset in any marketing and creative environment. I loved working with her.

Jan Hall, Sr VP & General Manager of Consumer Marketing, North America, The Coca-Cola Company managed Wendy at The Coca-Cola Co.

Wendy is a bright, articulate leader who simply put, gets it. She excels at leading both people and process and delivers results. As a manager she empowers her direct/non-direct reports and pushes them to deliver their best results. She doesn’t have to be the hero and lets her team shine. She has a keen understanding of brands, brand architecture and consumers’ relationship with the brand. She works cross functionally to identify and evaluate opportunities, drive innovation and ultimately deliver strong results. Her business acumen is excellent and she understands key stakeholders, both internal and external. Wendy is a pleasure to work with and will be an asset to anyone lucky enough to employ her.

Kristi Baxter, Sr. Brand Manager, The Coca-Cola Company reported to Wendy at The Coca-Cola Company

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wendy on new products and branding projects at Coca-Cola. She has both strategic insights and creative strengths, combined with a strong sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Debra Holstein, Principal, Debra Holstein Associates worked directly with Wendy at The Coca-Cola Company

Wendy was the top graduate student in my Statistical Methodology class at Georgetown University in the fall of 2010. In addition to mastering the techniques, she developed her own product development survey and produced a first-rate report of the findings. Wendy is a skilled researcher who performs analyses with care and does an excellent job in conveying the results.

Diana Owen, Associate Professor, Georgetown University

Wendy returned to graduate school and the CCT program to build a new media lens to understand her prior foundation in marketing. She has provided interesting insights in class discussions and worked to show how traditional models of understanding the customer relationship can be reframed using new media tools.

Jeanine Turner, Associate Professor, Georgetown University

In sum, Ms. Ferguson has proven to be a highly competent, charismatic and intellectually engaged member of Georgetown’s community of students and scholars. I have personally enjoyed her com- pany in these classes and as a participant in the program. I am certain she will be able to translate these skills beyond the CCT academic program to great success.

David Ribes, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

Wendy’s combination of incredible drive and commitment, education and intelligence, professional expertise, and willingness to adapt and learn new technologies allowed me to learn in a couple of years what would have taken decades of education and experience to achieve. She has been instrumental in helping me conceptualize and implement the next evolution of my consulting business and, through her own professional and educational process, has exposed me to areas of application that I would not normally be exposed such as international finance/trade negotiations and social marketing and communications technology.

Andrew Lennertz, President, The Healthy Living Company