About Me

Wendy Ferguson is a Brand Design Strategist who engineers timeless consumer experiences. Her classical training in consumer packaged goods marketing combined with her leading-edge, multidisciplinary projects related to the future of marketing give her the keen ability to help clients and consumers excel at the intersection of applied innovation and the shared culture of sustainable brands.

Wendy has a track record for driving profitable growth for Fortune 100 companies — like The Coca-Cola Company, Frito-Lay, Sara Lee Hosiery and CIBA-VISION — through new product innovation, multichannel collaboration, and a passion for designing new ventures that improve on everyday life. A consultative problem-solver and hybrid-thinker, she’s won her reputation for revitalizing established brands, launching new product categories, and delivering game-changing platforms that address unique market opportunities.

At the height of her CPG career, Wendy decided to enhance the ways she could help pioneer the future of marketing and brand development. She earned her Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Communications, Culture, and Technology and acquired the core competencies companies need in order to reach consumers where media, society, and commerce converge. Equipped with more reliable frameworks for predicting an individual’s consumption patterns, Wendy undertook several research projects to identify the insights and develop strategic plans for ongoing brand relevance.

Valuing continuous learning and advancement through collaboration, Wendy has built on her MBA to seek out knowledge and resources that give brands a lasting competitive advantage in a changing landscape. She is a member of the Digital East community and has exposure to social media through hands-on training and industry conferences.

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