The Future of Marketing to Digital Omnivores is Human to Human

As computers move toward cognitive perception and brands take on more human traits that resonate with connected consumers, the future of marketing demands a new strategic framework, a new lens on our role. Ironically, the profession built on identifying consumer needs is the group that needs an update.

The future marketing executive must understand the tenets of Design Thinking (a human-centered design ethos), the sophistication of individual neurological information processing, while comfortably collaborating with her stakeholders to define social intelligence and inspire action.

The future marketing leader needs the strategic training of a business consultant, a passionate curiosity of human behavior, and the ability to articulate compelling stories—all while systematically approaching technology as the common thread. This future of marketing lies at the intersection of emotional enchantment and the global democratization of relationships. Within a culture of customer-centricity, marketing is poised to be the social architect within organizations, the advocate for the consumer, and the champion of the brand. The steward of the brand promise within the conversation prism of the present; we are all marketers now.

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