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Marketing has evolved from being the domain of classically trained professionals to the result of a collaboration of skilled specialists.

Wendy Ferguson—equipped with a foundation in traditional consumer marketing combined with innovative studies and projects in consumer behavior and digital technologies—is uniquely positioned to empower this multi-disciplinary approach. Every timeless brand is a now a symphony of precision: analysts, strategists, creatives, experience architects, and technologists all contribute their know-how. Because brand experiences are now more consumer-driven and collective, leaders can rapidly emerge from every level of society. Whether they know it or not, every company is a tech company and every company must redesign their approach to improving consumers’ daily lives. The forward-thinking organizations that thrive will create positions for Brand Design Strategists who drive predictive intelligence gathering and long-range brand portfolio planning to adapt in a way that is socially and environmentally conscious. Wendy Ferguson’s skill set is applicable to the agency or client side, and she is open to consulting projects or joining your team. Learn more about Wendy Ferguson’s professional experience.


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