Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence: the ability to connect to others in a deep and direct way, to sense and stimulate reactions and desired interactions.

Semantic Web

The semantic web will bring about an entirely new way of working and interacting. Roles will shift between people and systems. The semantic web is not something that will appear overnight based on the work of smart programmers. Rather, it will be the result of an accumulation of developments and efforts – content creators, ontologists, knowledge source developers, logicians, linguists, computer scientists, subject matter experts, usability engineers and business analysts. The objective of this course was to give students an overview of the building blocks for Web 3.0 (connecting knowledge), as well as some hands on experience working with them on a practical level.The course covered: semantic web basics, enterprise architecture, content architecture, content management, metadata, knowledge organization sources, semantic analysis tools, search and discovery systems, personalization and social networking, ontologies and knowledge representation, electronic publishing, broadcasting and marketing, usability, internationalization and localization.

Professor Denise Bedford

Semantic Web: Use Case for Grocery Shopping

Abstract – The Semantic Opportunity

As a marketing professional and cultural observer of human behavior, the learning opportunity of a global, digitally divisible, collaborative knowledge space is captivating. A semantically rich web of structured collective intelligence that empowers an individual’s decision making while advocating solutions to larger complex social issues is within sight. As interoperable connections are made and insights integrated across domains, and Human Computer Interfaces (HCI) and semantic technologies combine to improve our shared Knowledge Commons, we begin to realize that the Internet and the World Wide Web are evolving into one shared ecosystem of learning built on a common architecture grounded in human relationships; a new glass box paradigm that is as dependent on computational algorithms as it is on individual contribution and transparency; a relationship that demands the rigor of knowledge management and the empathy of trust.


A Transformational Semantic Web Use Case for Grocery Shopping

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