Great Legs

Sales Increase Through Distribution Gains

Core Skills:

  • Igniting Growth through Distribution
  • Portfolio Management and Franchise Development
  • Collaboration and Customer Marketing

Problem / Challenge
The Great Legs franchise of products was positioned and marketed as an entry point into the complete Hanes Hosiery portfolio. Promoted as a durable, functional product, Great Legs was sold through discount stores as a “Value Conscious” choice for women seeking legwear. Internally the Great Legs business was a steady producer but unworthy of marketing investment. I saw the business opportunity differently. In fact after working with various marketing insights groups and customer analysis teams, I began to see an under-served market and a complete consumer segment that was being over-looked. My challenge was to demonstrate to senior management the opportunity of investing in a portfolio of value-based hosiery brands that graduated and maintained users throughout their hosiery wardrobe life-cycle.
The Opportunity
The opportunity was to revitalize a mature brand within the Company’s portfolio while managing my P&L responsibility. And, that meant re-imaging my Brands (Hanes Too, Profiles and Great Legs) as a diverse portfolio of choices based on customer and consumer needs. From re-designing each Brand’s architecture to promoting the collection as a complete Solution Set to customers, I was able to achieve consumer, customer and organizational success.
The Great Legs franchise would be the product that delivered “a very special indulgence” to women seeking fit and toning from a value-priced hosiery brand. Great Legs was the initial introduction into the Hanes Hosiery brand and to be made available in discount department stores. The Brand’s commitment to fashion was communicated through re-designed packaging and modern point-of-sale materials and its complementary role emphasized through account specific budgets spent and executed at the local level.
Great Legs was successfully sold into a New National Chain customer and produced a sales increase of +90% versus prior year.
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