Design Mindset

Design Mindset: the ability to represent and develop tasks and work processes for desired outcomes.

New Product Development in the New Digital Age

Students learned about the product planning process and applied these concepts toward the development of an individual product plan as the final project. The course started with a discussion of the popular and professional notions of product and service within the context of today’s digital age. After this, the individual components of a typical product plan were introduced.

As the semester progressed students developed their own product plans as these various plan components were introduced and reviewed. These components included the following: product description; target market; competitor analysis; technology trends; financial statements; business case development; product evolution; and exit strategies. Discussions included the role of social media in the product development process. At the conclusion of the course, students understand the product planning process; knew the various components of a product plan; and appreciated the elements of basic product-related financial statements.

Professor Stephen Minning

Final Project: VivaciousMe

Abstract Product Description
…Especially for people who aspire to the highest levels of physical wellness and emotional satisfaction, VivaciousMe is the first customizable, mobile biomedical device that optimizes an individual’s biological resource utilization decision-making process. VivaciousMe continuously monitor’s energy levels making real time energy use decisions achievable. This is possible through the latest in nanotechnology, understanding of biological processes, and the power of wireless technology. You can finally achieve coherency between your body’s needs and capacities and the energy demands of any desired activity. To leave energy quantification out of the activity commitment decision making process would be just as erroneous as leaving money out of the financial decision making process. The is a quantum leap in self awareness support enabling humans to finally make healthy energy based decisions which is critical in the self determination process. The primary cause of all disease processes and unhealthy biological adaptation is inadequate energy reserves and utilization. Better Energy Decisions = Better Life Decisions!

Final Paper

New Product Plan for VivaciousMe

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