Adaptive Thinking

Adaptive Thinking: a proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond which is rote or rule-based.

How to Predict the Future

Over the last century, there have been many spectacularly bad predictions of how technology will evolve and how it will be used—and a few almost clairvoyant forecasts of technology trends. This course investigated both. By examining predictions made about the Internet, video on demand, cellular telephony, nuclear power, and other technologies, students attempted to discern why some predictions work and most don’t. Much of the course was devoted to techniques in scenario planning and technology assessment that help prepare individuals and organizations for an uncertain and unpredictable future. A number of analysts, futurists, and professional forecasters provided guest lectures.

Professor Michael Nelson


Marketing in a Joystick Nation

The Future of Gamification in the Airline Industry

Gamification is “the process of using game-thinking and game mechanics to engage users and solve problems.” At its core it is about fun, rewards and social connections and it has recently been popularized as the next big thing in brand management. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the gamification of our culture and how it is rewriting the economics and consumer loyalty equation for marketing within the airline industry.   The research shows the power of Frequent Flyer Programs and their inherent ability to drive behavior while building loyalty, all with virtual rewards and psychologically motivating status levels. The gamification of our daily lives in merging with the technological advances in computer processing power, the information capabilities of database management and the on-demand infrastructure of cloud computing. Gamification is a mechanical process that awakens our human desire for power, heroic purpose and community, bringing the virtual world into reality.

Final Paper

Marketing in a Joystick Nation

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