Hanes Too

Revitalizing a Mature Brand

Core Skills:

  • Reinventing Growth through Innovation
  • Ability to get funds and remake an older, neglected brand
  • Experience selling into Department Stores

Problem / Challenge
The Hanes Too franchise is a portfolio of products positioned and marketed as an entry point into the complete Hanes Hosiery portfolio. Promoted as a durable, functional product Hanes Too was sold through department stores as the “Value Conscious” choice for women seeking legwear. Internally the Hanes Too business was a steady producer but unworthy of marketing investment. I saw the business opportunity differently. In fact after working with various marketing insights groups and customer analysis teams, I began to see an under-served market and a complete consumer segment that was being over-looked. My challenge was to demonstrate to senior management the opportunity of investing in the Hanes Too Plus line by activating the power of my cross-functional team.
The Opportunity
The opportunity was to revitalize a core brand within the Company’s portfolio while managing my P&L responsibility. And, that meant I needed the collaborative power of my entire team: Sales, Business Planning, Production Control, Manufacturing, and Product Development. I needed to champion the franchise and my consumer with key insights, financial intelligence and an inspiring narrative.
Operating in a general management structure, as the central decision maker between Sales, Business Planning, Production Control, Manufacturing, Creative and Product Development, I was able to leverage consumer driven and customer supported data to demonstrate the business opportunity of investing in a Hanes Too Plus portfolio extension. And, with input from the sales and advertising team, develop a new customer marketing initiative that enabled complete promotional flexibility and in-market advertising at the store level. The Company’s renewed emphasis on “Value Brands,” and the under-served Plus sized market, resulted in the construction and commercialization of five new Hanes Too products that included three new sizes and eight additional colors. I was able to launch a portfolio of Hanes Too / Hanes Too Plus options to better meet all the hosiery needs of my consumers’.

  • Re-launched the Hanes Too / Hanes Too Plus brand franchise and drove portfolio sales gains of 11% over prior year.
  • Led the introduction of a contemporary new advertising and promotional strategy that not only reflected the portfolio’s new positioning, but also advanced the new brand architecture through account specific flexibility and emphasis.

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